How to Make a Move on a Girl


What Are the Reasons Women Reject Men?

In our lives, we all experience some kind of rejection. We investigate some of the reasons women reject men and how men can better deal with rejection when it happens.

First Date Advice for Men – 8 Hot Tips

You got the first date you wanted. Do you think this is the only challenge you have to tackle? It is now time to plan the date, decide what to wear, know what to do when the date ends and win your chances at a second date.

7 Ways to Win Your Girlfriend Back

Okay, so you did something stupid. You broke up with the one person that you now realize is the one person for you. Or maybe you did something really stupid and she decided to leave you.

Why Do Women Flake Out?

Have you ever wondered why a woman would flake out on a date with you? We explore the possible reasons why this happens and how to best prevent it.

Determining Signs A Girl Likes You

Want to know the subtle signs a girl likes you? We have identified some of these subtle clues for you. Take out the guesswork and know what signs to look for that tell you whether she is interested.

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