How to Date As A Successful Man (Full Guide)


3 Basic Flirting Techniques You Should Know

Men always say that we flirt and you know what? They’re right. We do flirt. It lets a man know we’re interested in him, but on a more subtle level. Of course, you’ve seen some other women that flirt too obviously, maybe even act slutty. Do you know how to flirt with a man the right way and not give it all at once? Subtlety and confidence are key. Here’s 3 ways to flirt, the right way.

3 Statements You Didn’t Know That Make Men Melt

You may raise your eyebrows when I say that men are sentimental too at times. Yes, you read that right. This may come as a shock to you, but there are three very sweet sayings that your man loves to hear and they will put that sparkle in his eye and melt his heart. Keep reading to learn these simple, surprising, yet effective sayings.

How To Know If The Wrong Guy Is In Your Life

Going through a divorce after several years of marriage is devastating. You feel abandoned and lonely and want someone new in your life. You’ve been single for just three weeks and now you’re ready to find a new love through an online dating site. You join, add your profile with pictures and look through the tons of profiles for the guy you want to meet. You talk to him on the phone and he seems nice enough and you liked his profile. He said he loved animals, kids and sports.

Top Secrets You Should Know To Successfully Date An Asian Woman
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Flirting with an Asian woman is somewhat different from going about with a western girl. When it comes to a European or American woman, the usual style is being a playful, brash bad boy, taunting and playfully critiquing them. But you need to understand that the culture of Asian women is different, and they are raised differently.

Why Modern Day Love Doesn’t Last

Love in the 1960’s was real because people had better morals. More people believed the way their parents did and stayed true to their first love. Their parents didn’t believe in divorce, abusing their spouse or adultery. They never saw a computer or had access to tons of pornography sites that taught their kids the wrong values of life.

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