How to Conquer Your Phone Addiction


The Evanescence Of Chivalry

Bonnie Tyler said it best; “Where have all the good men gone?” Is it the male population who has change or has the female desire for equality extinguished the male desire to protect?

5 Ways to Tell He’s the One

One of the most common questions women ask is how do they know if their man is the one? Some people know right away. They just have that feeling inside of them. For others they aren’t quite as sure. So below I am going to share 5 things with you that might indicate he is the one.

He Cheated On Me – What Do I Do Now?

If you, like many women from all over, have been cheated on, it can be a scary experience to continue on in love. You may be head over heels for your significant other. You would do anything for him, you tell yourself.

Stop and Think – Is It All Worth It?

There is a famous quote about living your life. Live every moment of your life such that you have no regrets.

Single Again, And Scared of What Might Be Lurking In Your Dating Future

So you have found yourself back in the dating scene again and your friends and family have been kind enough to share with you all of the dangers that lurk in this practice of meeting new people. Dating can be fun and safe when you take some simple precautions while navigating the dating world.

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