How to be 1 Step Ahead of Every Other Guy


6 Tips on How to Flirt With a Guy Over Text

How to flirt with a guy over text? So he finally texted you! Now you need to sweeten things up and get him even more interested in you.

Relationship Advice for Men – The Neediness Phenomenon Why Most Relationships Fail (It’s Inevitable)

Learn why most relationships fail in the beginning. Most new relationships fall prey to what I call the “neediness phenomenon.” Men think they are doing everything they are supposed to, but the woman feels smothered by her new counterpart.

6 Dating Tips for Men

No matter what the age, dating is a challenge. But regardless of demographics – no matter if it’s a first date or an ongoing relationship – men need to know how women choose their mates. A woman’s words don’t necessarily correspond with their actions when it comes to men.

Is Your Definition of Love a Mismatch With Your S.O.?

Even professional women can’t always translate some men’s way they might try to express love, so they feel they are truly loved. It may seem funny to people, who may have been in a committed relationship like marriage for many years that they still might not receive a message of love the way it is being communicated by the lover.

Dating Advice For Men – F Is for Friend Zone

Men who feel “stuck” in their romantic endeavors can get frustrated. Learn why being too nice may lead to a lifetime of heartache. Learn what the “Friend Zone” is, how you ended up there, and how to get out of it!

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