How to Avoid the Friend Zone


Hitting the Jackpot: Tips on How to Seduce a Woman

You’ve been part of the game for years now and you have not been very lucky at it. Worse than not attracting anyone is attracting all the wrong types. Fortunately, your string of bad luck has not progressed to a point that you would have to move to a different place and change phone numbers.

Dating Tips For Shy Guys

A girl you are interested in walks into the room. You instantly lose your ability to form a coherent sentence and completely clam up. You are not alone.

Dating Tips For Men

Are you looking for a real relationship? Are you tired of getting involved in a relationship for the wrong reasons, only to be hurt later? Do you want a relationship to last?

How to Know If Your Date Wants A Commitment

You’re looking for the ideal date and are confused to which dating service to go with. You’ve thought about online dating, but those are just blind dates and you don’t know what type of person you’ll end up with. You went to a dating service and met a great guy, but he wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. After going to a speed dating event, you’ve met the perfect gentleman. He’s everything you’ve looked for in a guy and he is taking you out on an official date tonight.

Tips for Planning Your First Date

When you meet an amazing person that makes your heart jump up and down you feel you can’t wait to go on your first date together. Remember you get only one chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you cover all your bases to make your first date something you love to remember… not something you’d rather forget!

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