How to Ask Her on A Date She WON’T Reject!


How Many Frogs Do You Need To Kiss Before You Find Your Prince?

How many frogs do you need to kiss before you find your prince when you’re dating deliberately? The answer is a lot less than you might think.

The Four Classes Of Guys And Which Is Best For Effortless Seduction

Most guys don’t even know about this. Which is going to give you a huge advantage.

The Sorter Mind Shift To Significantly Increase Your Seduction Skills

Most guys are desperate. Here’s a couple of ideas that will help you get rid of that attraction killing trait.

Use Structure And Common Stories To Make Her Wet With Desire

Most guys try and pick up girls with content. The secret is you don’t need content. Only structure. What the heck does this mean? Keep reading!

Help! I Keep Running Back to My Ex!

Did you know that there is one mistake that can be hurting your love life? This is a mistake that I made a very long time ago that really hurt my efforts of having a successful love life. You also may be making the same exact mistake.

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