Every Guy Makes this Excuse to Avoid Women


How To Know If A Girl Likes You – Tips You Must Know

Do you feel tired of not knowing if a girl likes you or not when she glances at you with a smile on her face? Basically, it is not hard to determine or tell if she is attracted to you or not. There are several obvious behaviours or attitudes that you can see from her to judge for yourself.

Dating After Having Children – A Must

Just because we have children doesn’t (and shouldn’t) mean that we stop going on dates with our significant other. Dating, especially after we are married, is imperative to keep our sanity, to continue the bond we have with our spouse, and to ensure that our relationship with our spouse is healthy. Here are a few date ideas for parents.

The Rules of Texting a Guy

Do you know how to text a guy you’re interested in? This casual form of communication can make or break a relationship at a very early stage.

Are You Dating a Man Who Can’t Deal With Your Success?

Are you a successful woman who dates men who can’t deal with your accomplishments? Are you wondering how to handle a guy who doesn’t respect your success? Read this article for some advice!

Treating Your Man With Respect

Are you worried that your man doesn’t know how much you care about him? Do you want to prove to him that you respect him? Here’s how!

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