Don’t filter yourself around hot girls.


As Soon As I Win The Lottery, I Will Start Attracting Women

Women judge you by your words, and your words define your thoughts. If you have “win-the-lottery” type of thoughts, then, in a way, you’re signing your own death warrants, since these types of thoughts exhibit that you are a useless man and spending time with you is like hearing a small child’s wish.

No Other Woman

Are you tired of seeing him with other women? Is he eluding exclusivity with you? Maybe in the past you’ve both agreed to non-exclusivity, but now you’re beginning to develop feelings for him and you want him to go exclusive with you.

Why Attraction Is Never A Choice, And How To Leverage It In Your Favor

Most people know that attraction isn’t a choice. Here’s how you create it.

The Myth Of What Girls Want

What do girls want? Learn this and you’ll have a life filled with happiness and sexual pleasure, right? Not so fast there.

The Fine Art of “Squirrel Hunting”

The most frequent problem I hear from single clients is that of how and where to search for a partner. Many of them have been searching for a long time, without success; others have been afraid to go out and search at all. Most of the horror stories you have heard about dating occur when daters rush the process.

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