Best Things to Avoid When Talking to a Woman


Are Dating and Career Compatible?

Are women and career compatible? That is difficult to answer. They’re not truly incompatible but are sometimes going in totally different directions!

Why Online Dating

As life gets busier for people with so many things to do around them, many do not find the time to go on dates the old fashioned way, just to get to know the other person. This is where online dating has helped a lot of people to get introduced to the kind of person they are interested in, and allowing them to know about that person, even before ever meeting them. And all of this at at their convenience using a computer or better yet, with a mobile device.

Keeping Your Guy Happy Keeps Him Home

You met a guy that adores you and you love him to no end. He’s filled with happiness and wants a relationship with you. You both make plans on getting a house together and talk about your future. He loves you being the sweet soft spoken girl you are and his family and friends can see a difference in his attitude since he met you. He went through a bitter divorce that hurt a lot and it took time to move on with his life. He hasn’t laughed or smiled until he met you and people think you’re the best thing that’s happened to him.

Christian Dating: Secrets to a Successful Christian Courtship

Courtship is an interesting time to get to know a person whom you are really interested about much better. But it really takes effort if you want to have a successful Christian courtship which hopefully would lead to marriage. Here are some secrets that can help you on your way to a courtship that is right in the eyes of God and can hopefully lead to marriage.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Men Pull Away in Relationships

The fact that you are reading this article, I suppose you are a woman who is experiencing difficulty in your relationship. Now when women think of the words “pull away” they tend to immediately think of the worst and perceive it as a break up. Well, while pulling away could mean a break up, it does not necessarily have to mean that.

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