Asking Hot Girls Does Height Matter?


Make That Date

This article focuses on reasons people look to date. It gives us examples of what we think about as we consider dating.

3 Things You Must Do Before Bringing Your New Boyfriend Around Your Family

It’s time for the holidays, you’ve been dating this man for quite some time, and now you’re thinking should you bring him to Thanksgiving dinner. Before you decide to bring your new man around your family, here are a few things you should think about: 1. The relationship that you’re currently in is it serious and are you both working towards a long term relationship?

Let’s Talk About Stress and Dating

When you meet someone for the first time, you may be under extreme pressure to be on your best behavior because you want to make a good impression, especially if you are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. But first you must get to know that individual, date him or her for a period of time and then try to create and maintain a healthy and fun experience, which can add more strain to an already demanding courtship.

How to Ask Women Out Over Text – The Right Way

Okay, so what exactly is wrong with the common text message guys use to ask girls out? Let’s see:

Another New Relationship? Why It Will Never Make You Happy

Another new relationship? Feels good, doesn’t it? But why will this one turn out any different? The fact is, that if you’re not happy already, then no relationship can ever make you happy. Learn the truth about happiness in relationships and why you need to be happy first for a new relationship to succeed.

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