Andrew Tate Explains Why Men Are Allowed to Cheat


How To Look Good For an Ex-Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

The most important thing that both men and women should do to present a good image to the world is to display a good attitude. Instead of acting depressed or displayed, it is important to find thing to be optimistic about. Cheery people tend to attract more positive attention, you it will also help you look good for exes.

How To Make Seduction Her Idea For Irresistible Attraction

Naturally, nobody likes to be told what to do. This goes double in the world of pick up and seduction. So when you structure it so it’s HER idea, she’ll be all over you.

The Essential But Forgotten Seduction Skill

No matter what you’re doing, you need skills. And these are absolutely essential.

The Secret Sister Seduction Model

This is only an imaginary construct, but it works pretty good. And no, you aren’t seducing your own sister. That would be gross.

The Double Edged Sword of Unconscious Attraction

Understanding attraction as an instinct can help your game. Especially when you reprogram yourself from the inside out.

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