6 Ways To Become A Villain


What Women Want – No, Really!

Everybody knows that confidence rules the room, but exactly how important is it? It is no doubt that without confident boys I wouldn’t be sitting where I am this minute. It was the confident boy taking the seat next to me one minute and asking me to step outside the next that led me to the confident boy that looked me up and down outside the library and traveled across the ocean to have dinner with me one Saturday night. For me, confidence rules my decision making, often without me knowing it. There’s something alluring, appealing, enticing about the boy that gives a ballsy one-liner and walks away. There’s something sensual and sexual about the boy that makes all the right moves, inside the restaurant and inside the bedroom. It’s the confident boys that make themselves memorable. It’s the confident boys that stay on my mind.

The Need for Netiquette When Connecting With People

Netiquette is very important, particularly if interacting with other people on online dating sites. This article will give you guidelines on how to make a good impression while communicating with other people on the internet.

Want to Make a Man Commit? Two Things to Consider Before Giving Him an Ultimatum

Some men do NOT want to commit, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what you try to do to break down their resistance, their “fear” of commitment, or their determination to spend the rest of their lives as the world’s sexiest bachelor. And as hard as this may seem to believe, it has nothing to do with his love or attraction to you.

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Over 40 and Dating Again?

By the time I turned 40 and was single – dating seemed like speaking a foreign language. Add to this confusion, divorce and children; it felt like dating had taken a turn for the worse. I’d been set up by an old flame – he was willing to pass on his second hand goods. Apparently I came with references… cringe!

Controlling Your Jealousy – How To Keep Calm, And Keep Your Boyfriend, At The Same Time

Are you having trouble controlling your jealousy? Are you afraid that if it keeps up, you may ruin what should be a good relationship? Would you like to understand what causes you to be jealous so you can stop feeling like that? Jealousy is very strong emotional reaction and one that can turn a relationship into a train wreck. If you’re a jealous woman, controlling your jealousy should be at the very top of your to do list.

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