5 Tinder Rules EVERY Guy MUST Follow | How to Get More Matches & Dates


How to Pick Up Girls at the Bar – The Social Tornado

Here I share a technique to help you magnify yourself. Whether you are at a party, bar or club it is still relative.

How to Pick Up Girls at the Bar – 4 Classic Deal Breakers

4 classic mistakes that people make. These behaviors can be changed. All it takes is recognizing whether or not you have the traits and a desire to change.

Five Clear Signs That Tell You to “Bid Goodbye” to Him

However much you claim to love each other and feel inseparable as a couple. There are some clear indications that he just doesn’t see future with you.

4 Dating Tips For Shy Men

The society doesn’t expect men to be shy, but the bitter truth is that there are very many shy men out there. Are you a shy man who is having trouble getting the lady of your dreams? Here are some dating tips that you should put into action:

Approach Women Now, Attract Women Now (Part 2)

This article will help men to develop self confidence with women, by way of discussing what being attractive really means. Included here also are 4 key traits to strive towards while learning effectively, how to meet beautiful women.

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