5 Shocking Lessons About Women Men Learn Too Late


Signs He Is On The Rebound

Is your man on the rebound? 6 signs that your man is on the rebound.

Signs He’s Just Playing You

Is he playing you? 4 key signs that he is playing you.

Signs He Is Pushing You Away

Does it feel like he is pushing you away? 5 key signs that he is pushing you away.

Secret Success To Over 60 Dating

  Whether you’re 16 or 60 years old, it takes two to make a successful relationship work. Although our priorities might change as we grow older, the foundation of a long lasting relationship stays the same. To help you on your online over 60 dating journey, it’s important to keep in mind the fundamental elements that make a relationship work.

Calling After the First Date – Is The Next Day Too Soon?

Calling the next day is too soon after the first date since your date hasn’t had enough time to evaluate you and may think you’re being persistent. Others think if you don’t call right away you don’t like them. If you really like this person, at the end of the date tell her how much you enjoyed your time with her and would it be Ok to call in a couple of days.

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