5 Red Pill Myths You Still Believe


Should You REALLY Unplug From The Matrix?

If there is a matrix, will unplugging help you? It may hurt you.

Automatic Triggers Of Irresistible Sexual Attraction

When you find out how to push somebody’s buttons, you are in complete control. Luckily, we’ve all got the same buttons.

Learn to Be a Ladies Man With One Simple Piece of Old Wisdom

No girl is out of your league. Today I want to show you how a little piece of old wisdom can turn you into a ladies man.

How to Be a Ladies Man – Where to Get Started

Women can choose their potential love partner from millions of guys, so you need to standout. And to standout with ease you just need to be yourself. But, what does it mean to be yourself, and how can it help you become a ladies man?

The Key To Picking Up Hot Chicks Is Not Picking Them Up

Bars and clubs, where the hottest chicks go. How do you approach them in this most intimidating environment? Answer: Don’t approach ONLY hot chicks.

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